A Guide to Halloween at Tokyo Disney and DisneySea

Disney and Halloween are 2 of my favourite loves. Oh and add food in there too but that’s for another post. There is a list of things I want to tick off that lives in my head and Disney at Halloween was one of them. I had always visited mid-year around summer. However Tokyo came around late October so I actually got to go to Disney on October 31st! So this is my Tokyo Disney and DisneySea halloween guide.

Tokyo Disney Halloween entrance

Tokyo Disney Halloween Guide

  • There isn’t a Halloween party like there are in other Disney Parks.
  • There are specific costume days where you can dress as your favourite character. The japans take this very seriously
  • The Haunted Mansion gets a makeover and will more than likely have the longest line in the park
  • Make sure to watch the Parade. The songs are catchy and the Japanese do like to save there place hours in advance though.
  • Eat all the holiday food. Read my guide to halloween food at Tokyo Disney
Tokyo Disney Halloween parade with Mickey Mouse

The parade was one of the best parades I have ever watched. It was interactive and catchy theme.It wasn’t the longest of parades but it was very well thought out. We watched slightly from afar but because the Japanese take the parades very seriously, people reserved their spots hours before.

There were some ah.maz.ing costumes. I wore a mini mouse inspired outfit but it was nowhere near as fun as some of the parks attendees. From little kids to adults. So many people got invoiced and I was actually really jealous that my ‘costume’ wasn’t full cosplay. I wore a mini mouse inspired outfit, a full circle polka dot skirt and mouse ears of course to top it off.

Minnei mouse inspired outfit for halloween at Tokyo Disney

The Disney decorations were a little more subtle then what I have seen online in the American parks for halloween. They were very classy though, flags with the villains adorned the lights as well as photo opportunities with statues as well as characters in halloween costume.

evil queen statue at Tokyo Disney Halloween
pumpkins at tokyo disney halloween

There were pumpkins hidden everywhere, lots of them on roofs and in some other locations, some lit up when it got dark and glowed. Some were even animated. They sat along side ghouls and ghosts, watching over the park.

The Haunted Mansion was also transformed into a halloween spectacular complete with jack skellington. Now The Nightmare Before Christmas is Disneys scariest movie so of course it gets its own special attention in the weeks surrounding halloween. Brave the queue and enjoy the ride.

nightmare before christ haunted mansion update for halloween at Tokyo Disney
house with face on it at Tokyo Disney at halloween