Style over Integrity?

As bloggers we are given opportunities that many other folk may not be offered. Invitations to restaurants and cocktail events, products to test and try out and may be we are paid to tell you about a service.

But do we have to give a glowing review? Especially if it’s something that we didn’t actually love?


Thats How We Roll Blue Neon Bowling Style over Integrity

Yet I often read reviews but never see a blogger returning to said venue or using said products again.

This may end up verging on a little controversial but bare with me will you.

I’ve seen first-hand that style has won over what appears to be bloggers integrity. Be it taking a ‘pretty’ picture for Instagram raving about how fabulous a place is and what a wonderful time they’ve have had but they have never been seen to return. Food eaten that isn’t great but apparently it’s ‘the best ever’ and it’s ‘not to be missed’. Cocktails that are over priced come with a little flare ‘read dry ice’ but don’t taste of anything spectacular.

It’s a funny one. Often there is an expectation (frustratingly via some PRs) that even if we didn’t like a product that has been sent, there should be a positive review to follow. How do you deal with that? Would you lie? Would you take your pretty pictures and write a few 100 words saying how amazing said product was? Or would you let the PR know that it wasn’t for you and write an honest and open review?

Is it a very British problem? Potentially! We don’t like to say no or upset people. It is however in your best interest long term to be honest and not let a free product/meal make you write a nice review just because.

This is not a call to arms for people to call out these bloggers (also they friends you see of Facebook but not in person) but it’s more a point of think about what you are posting. Maybe if it’s not great don’t paint it as the best thing since sliced bread! Put out there an honest review. People will trust you more. They’ll come back to your site to read your reviews because they know that you’ll be honest and a free cocktail won’t ruin your integrity.