Finding Amazing Street Art in Reykjavik

Something that I wasn’t expecting to find in Reykjavik was amazing street art. Everything I read about Reykjavik never mentioned all the colourful art all over the city. Independent stores commissioning murals for their walls, public art seems to be a big deal around these parts. I wish Leeds and Wakefield had more public art work. It not only adds colour to the city but also adds to its personality.

I wish we had spent more time in Reykjavik it’s self so I could hunt down all the street art in the day light.

Reykjavik Street Art Ocean with octopus and whales

Full house street art in down town Reykjavik

Brode bakery street art Reykjavik

The stores with art work on their walls also made me happy. It seems such a simple thing to have the store logo painted on the your store front, it made the store stand out and well I had to go inside and have a look around. Yes I’m a sucker for good marketing.

Days of great mural street art Reykjavik

Reykjavik street art - Reykjavik Chips

cafe sign Reykjavik street art

I hope you enjoyed this post! Hunting out all these pieces of art was my favourite and I would love to come back to Reykjavik in the summer months to try to find all the art around the city. I can only hope more street art will appear closer to home.

You can find most of these amazing pieces of art while walking to the Hallgrimskirkja Church