Finding Amazing Street Art in Blackpool

Hunting for street art is one of my favourite things to do in a new city. I did it in Sheffield and even Reykjavik. And I know that when you think of Blackpool street art doesn’t immediately spring to mind. Actually it was one of the last things that sprung to my mind.

This piece was my favourite, a weathered fisherman and a one eyed pirate crab? Oh ok Blackpool steal my heart with your hidden gems. Not one of these art works were on the front, you had to step a little further back. Into the back streets and away with the arcades and flashing lights of the piers.

Now some of the art work isn’t quiet as intricate as other pieces but it all stands together in its own right I think. Bold colours and statement lines can be found next to soft sprays of paint. It does however, all end up bring what would be a boring carpark wall into something that is a pleasure to look at.

As Blackpool holds a funny special place in my heart, I’ll be writing another post on what we got up too on our long weekend there shortly so stay tuned for all the fun at the seaside.