Boston, Massachusetts. A Guide.

Boston home to the Tea Party, the Freedom Trail, Harvard and The Patriots. So there are more than a few things to do in Boston. This is my Boston Guide. One thing Boston does feel though, is very English. I am not sure how much sense that makes but it’s the most British feeling American City I’ve stayed in. I also packed hand luggage only for this trip.

Walk the Freedom Trail

boston guide freedom trail sign with shiny doc Martens

You can walk the freedom trail for free, it starts in Boston common and is sign posted around town. You follow the arrows around 16 historical sites. Some of these historical buildings are free to look around some of them you have to pay. It will take a good few hours of wandering around and you’ll learn all sorts. (I alas did not learn anything as I didn’t open my phone to read about the buildings or pay entry into anywhere).

Boston Sports

New England patriots fans at the patriots parade 2019

Go team. I am not a massive sports fan. I can safely say I have little to zero interest in sports. The Patriots, The Red Soxs, The Celtics and the Bruins. Football, baseball, basketball and ice hockey. While in Boston, the Super Bowl played. The Patriots won and a huge duck boat victory parade happened the next day in the city. 1.5million. Yes million came to watch. I stood huddle in a corner next to a very energetic lady who explain every one that went past out side the Hynes Convention Center. So when you’re next in Boston check out one of 4 sports that dominate this town.

Boston Common Frog Pond

boston frog pond ice-skating in February

Depending on the time of year the Frog Pond in Boston Common is transformed into an ice rink, a splash pond or an open air movie theatre. You should check the the website to see what is on. Ice skate admission was $6 and $12 rental. There is a cheeky locker fee of $4 to put all your bags in.

Where to eat in Boston

jp licks dairy free iceceam out side the store and area four pizza

Boston has some excellent eateries. These two places made stand out. Firstly there is J.P. Licks a Boston ice cream institution and over the space of 6 days I went 4 times. There were so many dairy free ice flavours that were fantastic. I would recommend the coconut chocolate. Also great was FOMU a plant based ice cream store. (Fancy name for Vegan)

The second was Area Four. Wood fired pizza and local beers. 1/2 pint of 12.8% PEW PEW PEW TRIPLE IPA and a sausage pizza later I was proclaiming the best pizza ever.

Crane Beach at Sunset (Ipswich)

Crane beach Ipswich boston

About 1 hour drive from Boston is Crane Beach. A astoundingly beautiful beach. A conservation area that has pristine beaches and waters, 4 miles of coast line and miles of dunes. The sunset made everything beyond lovely. The golden light bathed the sands and even though it was bitterly cold. Thus why I was hiding with my hood up as the wind battered me.

$10 Entry
Priceless views

What should you avoid in Boston?

The Aquarium.

New England aquarium Boston

New England Aquarium was not worth the $31. I have a love/hate thing with aquariums. Conservation and teaching get a big tick from me. I am all for and it did seem that the aquarium did try. BUT it was small and I had walked around within 1hour. It felt like a total waste of money if you’re over the age of 10.

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