Styling a New Build House Bedroom Edition

If your looking at buying or renting a house and you are thinking about a new build. I’d say go for it. They’re a blank canvas. Ok they don’t have period features or a sense of history. But what they do have is space for you to make it your own.

One of the things I did just after moving in was paint our bed room wall a navy blue. I’ve had a pinterest board since the moment we first decide we wanted to move house. Our last house the bedroom was black and cream. I new I didn’t want to replicate it, I liked it but we had that colour scheme for almost 7 years.

The new build life has given me endless white walls. For that I am grateful they are not bloody beige. Its crisp clean and means we can really do what ever we want.

I managed to find a home for my portable record player, I mean there was always going to be a record player upstairs. And our bedroom was the perfect spot. It just happens to be the perfect colour to match the wall. Listening too music while getting ready in the morning really sets the day up right. *featuring the Footloose soundtrack

I also purchased a humidifier then I love. Currently there is Lavender oil filling the air. It really helped to get rid of the new build pain smell when we first moved in. Now I love it as it’s relaxing and fills the air.

Other little things in this room that I love is my little gold heart dish that I bought in Target on a trip to Texas. It holds jewellery as well as hair grips and another loose items I have on my bedside table.

So there you have it. Between the real life piles of clothes on the floor and the dirty mirror you have how I style a room that was just 4 white walls with no feelings of home. There is still a few more things I’d like to add, some nice art work and a few pictures maybe. I’m excited to see how this room evolves. Oh and wireless charging you’re my beau.