My love letter to Tokyo

I spent a week in Tokyo, Japan and I loved the city. Tokyo was on my bucket list and I was planning to go for my 30th next year. But when the opportunity came to spend a week there in October and over Halloween. I jumped at the chance. 

tokyo at night Shinjuku  train station

Tokyo was the city I thought it was going to be and so much more.  

There is only one other place that I have visited so far that instantly fell in love with in a super cliche manner. That was New York City. From the moment, I stepped off the plane, it kind of felt right. You know that weird feeling you get when you know that you could visit somewhere again and again and never get bored? Tokyo gave me all the feels.

I had lost in translation vibes, signs I couldn’t grasp and money I just stared at. People rushing past me at a million miles an hour. Yet there was an odd sense of calm? I took the first few steps after a 9 hour flight and took it all in. 

Tokyo, you swept me off my feet. Oh 

Tokyo you left me wanting more. One week definitely did not feel like long enough. There were more places to explore, more parts of the city that I wanted to see and more food I wanted to eat. 

Tokyo, you are cram packed and equally as overwhelming as you are calming. You induce a mild panic when I was crammed into a train carriage with what felt like a million other people. Yet 5 steps from the station, a temple and an ocean of calm.

Tokyo, the cliches are true but there is so much more. 

Tokyo, Disney. That’s all. You’re a little bit more than extra. 

Tokyo, everyone I met was so polite. As a female traveller, even on a busy train I was given my personal space. London you could take a lesson from this. 

It is fair to say that Tokyo will always hold a special place in my heart. I leave a bit of my heart in Tokyo. I want to go back. I have a wandering soul. Japan I miss you. I want to jump on the train an adventure further afield outside of the metropolis that is Tokyo. 

tokyo at night Shinjuku

Is there a place that you felt like you belonged? Tell me!