How to Beat Jet Lag in Chicago

Jet lag is a killer, awake at 4 am and have no chance of getting back to sleep? Welcome to international travel. I have travelled extensively over the last 2 years and I do not think there is an easy answer to beating jet lag but I have discovered you can almost get back on schedule within a day or 2 following an easy itinerary. Chicago is the perfect example.

My 4 hour Chicago itinerary for beating jet lag

  • 04:00
    Embrace 4am wake up. Do not lay there half awake getting annoyed at the day. Grab a quick shower, throw on some comfy clothes and leave your hotel room. Some people go to the Gym. This isn’t my thing. Instead, go and have a little morning adventure.
  • 04:30
    Have a quick coffee or a cup of tea in your hotel room or if you’re feeling fancy grab an early morning room service. Sometimes it’s worth treating yourself!
cloud gate, the bean Chicago. early morning
Cloud Gate at 5am in Chicago
  • 05:00
    Go hit up the tourist spots. Cloud Gate at Millennium Park in the Loop community area of Chicago at 5am was empty. Only a dog walker passing by. During the day it is so busy that you can not get a picture of the shiny bean alone. 1000s of tourists visit daily. Use your jet lag wisely and visit first thing to ensure some great photos.
  • 05.30
    Chicago theatre is on North Street on Loop and walkable from Cloud gate. There are usually cars passing by and people walking up and down this famous landmark. But at 5.30am on a Saturday it is empty. That jet lag is well on its way to been beaten.
Chicago Theatre north loop
  • 06:00
    Find a new vantage point. Go to places that give you something a bit different. Chicago is well known for its above-ground transit system, and if you go to Wells Kinzie Parking Garage you can grab the perfect shot, without trespassing.
  • 07:00
    Take the CTA train to station Adams/Wabash and before the city wakes up, enjoy a ride through Chicago. Jet lag is slowly been beaten.
Trump tower from Adams and Wabash CTA Chicago and pancakes at capital coffee and eatery
Adams/Wabash and Cupitol Coffee & Eatery
  • 07:30
    Breakfast. The only way to end your beat jetlag in Chicago tour is breakfast number 2. I chose Cupitol Coffee & Eatery because pancakes bigger then your head and iced tea are my kinds of food. Especially when my body doesn’t know what time or day of the week it is.
  • 08:00
    Start the rest of your day as you mean to go on with a coffee.

I’d recommend going out for dinner early. Maybe at 5pm. This way you will not accidentally nap for too long and end up trying to find dinner at 11pm. In Chicago, I recommend the Purple Pig easy light meals what won’t leave you feeling overfull and unable to sleep.

Have you beat jet lag?

What are your jet lag secrets? I get up early, stay awake and push through the day until I crash hard around 8pm and sleep well. The next day, I am ready to go!