Welcome Back

I am currently sat in the garden with a rather hot laptop on my knee struggling to get words down on paper. So to speak. It has been almost 6 weeks since I had surgery and in that time this space on the internet has been a little neglected.

I have posted elsewhere, so if you follow me on Instagram or twitter you can see my slightly more frequent ramblings there. WAVES ENERGETICALLY.  

Now then this post is a little on the random side as there is nothing really of substance for me to say.

Other than hello I am back.

You are going to see posts shortly featuring a very tasty evening I spent with Don Papa Rum, a trip to champagne school, a new hair colour, posts about surviving surgery (once I’ve got them to less than 3000 words each) and other general ramblings.

So there you go, a short and sweet post to ease myself back into the world of the internet.