Vegan Banana Bread

I made accidental vegan banana bread and it was way better than I was expecting.

Vegan Banana Bread on a wooden Chopping board

So I’m not a vegan or even remotely vegetarian, I do try to eat healthy but I also love cake. This vegan banana bread came about because I had 4 bananas slowly turning black in my fruit bowl and really fancied something sweet. Out came the recipe and I quickly realised we had no eggs, almond milk in the fridge and no loaf tin.

Thus the lets throw this together and hope for the best. I had an old recipe that I had written down, maybe from somewhere online and did a little altering and it worked wonders. I also went rogue and did a fair bit of prep in my nutribullet.

Vegan Banana Bread with a cup of Vegan Tea and Strawberries


3 soft bananas + 1 medium one for decorating
2 cups self raising flour 

1tsp of baking powder 
– I added 1/2 tsp extra as I have the fear of a flat cake
1/2 cup demerara sugar – I didn’t have any normal brown sugar
1 tbs of Cinnamon –  I added 1 tsp extra because I love cinnamon
1/2 tbs of salt
3 tsp Vanilla extract
1/4 cup almond milk
1/4 cup vegetable oil 
– Sunflower oil to the rescue here as I’ve run out of avocado oil


– Pre heat your oven to 190c (375f or old school gas mark 5)

– Pop 3 soft bananas, sugar, almond milk and oil into the Nutribullet* and wiz for 20-30 seconds

– Sift dry ingredients into a bowl

– Add the banana mix to the bowl with the dry ingredients and mix together well

–  Carefully add the batter into the pan and decorate the top with banana

– Cook for approx 45-55 minutes – or until a cocktail stick comes out clean when stuck in the centre

– Remove from the pan and leave to cool on a wire rack

– Decorate with a a sprinkling of icing sugar and cinnamon

*I used my nutribullet, mainly because I am lazy and didn’t want to mash the bananas with a fork and then mix the sugar, milk and oil together. I just broke the bananas into 1/4’s, added the sugar mil and oil to the cup and blitzed until they were combined.

Flat Lay of a Vegan Banana Bread

Ta daaaaaaaa. Vegan Banana bread in less then an hour.