Top 3 Trips You Should Take in 2020

2020 is the year to take a trip somewhere new. A new decade and this is the time to start thinking about where your next adventure could be. Somewhere far-flung or maybe it could be an hour or two away? Here are 3 trips you could take in 2020.

1. Paris – France

The Eiffel Tower against blue skies on a sunny day

Paris tends to get overlooked as a cliche destination and never appears in the top 10 recommendations, but a trip to Paris is worth your annual leave. Go in early summer to avoid the stifling heat of August, it will be the perfect temperature to wander the streets until dusk. Pop to a local supermarket, pick up some bread, wine and cheese. Sit under the Eiffel Tower and eat a picnic. Walk the canals, sit on the banks and drink 2€ red wine, which will be the best wine you’ve ever drunk. Paris is romantic and magical in its own way.

2. Delhi – India

The lotus temple at sunset Delhi India

A little further afield from England but in the heart of India is Delhi. An 8-hour flight leads you to a mystical place that captures the heart of travellers. Or for some Delhi will send you a little crazy, and longing for the quietness of your hotel. Either way, it will be an adventure. Delhi is a city of 2 halves, there is the old and the new. Don’t let the shiny new Delhi leave you wanting more. Go and explore Old Delhi. Taking an adventure in 2020 means going with an open heart and exploring everywhere.

3. Iceland

Reykjavik Street Art Ocean with octopus and whales

Iceland hit the top places to visit lists a few years ago and then dropped off the radar it seems. You can get affordable flights from both the UK and USA as a layover. Iceland the home of fire and ice, Game Of Throne tours and of course the northern lights. Iceland may have lost its top spot in the Loney Planet Guide but in my heart, it is still in the top places to visit in 2020. You can read about our Iceland visit here.

What trips are you planning to take in 2020.